Web Content Writing

Set up a brand new website or revamp your existing content for an all new look and feel.

All Forms of Editing

No content is ever good enough till the time it isn’t proofread and edited for perfection, right?

All Content Writing

Everything including ghostwriting for articles, blogs, copywriting, email marketing, and print media.


About Me – Freelance Content Writer

Hi there!

I am Mansi Sharma, a Delhi University graduate. I found my love for writing by accident when I was waiting for my final year results and had no job prospects in hand. I made one guidance-seeking phone call to my sister (who was also a freelance content writer at the time), and it has now been more than five years of me doing what I love!

Another favorite of mine includes being active on social media, which further led me to develop an interest and passion for Social Media Marketing. So here I am, a dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant by day, and a passionate Freelance Content Writer at all times.

Oh, and I also love clicking pictures, just like this one attached here! 

If you’re looking forward to hiring freelance content writers, you can contact me at sharmansi25(at)gmail(dot)com


What next?

Got questions? Drop me an email and I’ll be sure to respond to it ASAP!