Freelance Services Recipe

It may come across as an out-of-place title on a content writer’s freelance services website but trust me when I tell you it’s exactly what I mean.

My idea and approach behind the content I write are just like the way I cook – if it lacks flavour and punch, it is still an unfinished task. The perfect content should leave you with a desire to see what’s next and a longing to turn the page with a beautiful flow.

Every client I work for is thus an opportunity I take on to perfect my flavours and enhance my palette of writing styles and creating stories.

Meet the Team

Before you make your decision to hire me (or anyone for that matter), it is important to get complete details about what you’re getting yourself into.

My team essentially comprises of three elements that work together to produce content that checks all boxes.

The Idea

Content writing begins with an idea which then evolves into a complete piece.

The Equipment

For every idea that pops up in one’s mind, there’s always a supporting equipment to turn it into reality.

The Vision

The Idea and The Equipment must always work in tandem with The Client’s vision.

My Certifications

Google My Business Basics certificate
YouTube Channel Growth certificate
Social Media Certified course hubspot certificate
The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certificate
Introduction to Digital Marketing certificate
Search Engine Optimization Certificate
SEMrush Academy Keyword Research Exam certificate

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